Hacienda El Roble


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After five generations of Castillo variety studied   by CENICAFE (Colombias coffeee research center). Castillo ROSARIO is considered the variety that shows the importance of the environmental offer over the genetic of the  seed  achieving higher scores in the cup obtained by Hacienda El Roble compared to other planting of the same variety in other regions from our the country.

Produced with  Penagos latest technology.
Fermentation  under pressure in  stainlees steel tanks .
It consists of extracting the fermenting must from the bottom of the tank, and being pumped to the top of it to distribute it evenly on its surface, sprinklers can be used. 

Process: Under pressure fermentation in  stainlees steel tanks  /pumping over
Fermentation: 18 hrs
Drying: Natural/Marquesina/ Silo
Main notes: Plums, sugarcane and dried grapes.

Price lb: USD $ $7,20